Kat Garlick is set designer/stylist and still life photographer based in the UK, who creates sets for commercial and editorial still life photoshoots.
We saw her work on instagram and were instantly attracted to her experiments with colour, line, shape and pattern. In her work

I have a deep interest in architecture, sculpture, interior design, graphic design, photography and fine art.

Kat gathers a lot of reference material from the constructivist and the Bauhaus movements. She is also hugely inspired by Barbara Kasten’s photographic/sculptural works in the 1980’s.

“I have always found beauty in minimalism and order, but also love to inject playful colours and patterns into my work,” says Kat.

I always view my images as having the ability to be inhabited. Although they are usually small scale table-top sets, I tend to view them as spaces ready to be stepped into and interacted with.

I design and hand make certain elements of my sets, but a lot of it is also about sourcing materials and props and implementing them into the set. I tend to play a lot with paper/card and digitally printed patterns that I design, but I also make my own plinths and backdrops too.
Having studied a bachelors degree in Photography, I am able to shoot as well as style the images and design the set. Studying a very broad fine art photography degree helped me to expand on my compositional skills, exposed me to a lot of different art and design, and introduced me to the idea of Set Design for photography as a profession.
I spent a lot of my time at university shooting interesting objects I encountered in homeware shops and second-hand shops, as well has hand-made props constructed from card and paper.
I have a fascination with objects that look digitally created but are in fact physical and real, giving my work a very graphic element to it.
At Korridor we want to inspire and to evoke positive feelings in people. We want to reach out to people who have an inner urge to be creative themselves.

We as designers spend our whole day experimenting with ideas, realizing ideas, failing at it, growing from it, succeeding with it. We are makes, and we feel an obligation to pass on the process of what we do – not just the result. Hopefully our journey will inspire others to find their own creativity.
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