industrial designer henrik


Korridor Design was founded in 2013 by Danish architect Henrik Ilfeldt. Having studied architecture in Denmark Henrik Ilfeldt is influenced by the Danish design tradition which cherish functionality and simplicity, but Henrik always wanted to add some emotion to it.

“Functionality appeals to your mind and simplicity to your aesthetic sense, where as colors speak to the heart.Often you cannot even explain why you love a certain color combination – it is just a feeling.To me it is important to be able to bring positive feelings into design and into people’s homes,” says Henrik.

Combining functionally, simplicity and pure joy and being able to bring that into modern homes is what Henrik Ilfeldt aims for.

Henriks vision is to add wow-effect into every product. This wow can be found in a form of a neon colour, a special pigmented concrete or in a surprising combination of materials

industrial designer Stine leth


Stine Leth is known for her knitted sculptures and wall objects. She is autodidact and never followed a knitting recipe.

Her inspiration comes from within, and the knitted objects emerge while she knits. She picks out colours along the way, and often tries to integrate new materials such as leather and nylon stockings into the knitting. Stine Leth has designed two products for Korridor Design.

In 2014 she created a series of knitted cushions – the LETH cushions. The cushions are industrially produced, but resembles her person style.

In 2015 she collaborated with Henrik Ilfeldt on designing The Korridor Stool. The idea was to create a piece of furniture that raises the question: “Where does design end and art begin?” The Korridor Stool has a clear functionality, but with its top hand knitted by Stine Leth herself, some may perceive it as an art piece.

industrial designer Charlotte høncke


Charlotte Høncke lives and works in Aarhus, Denmark. She graduated as Industrial Designer from the Danish School of Architecture in 2002, but soon discovered that furniture design was her passion.
Charlotte founded her own studio in Aarhus in 2010. Here, she designs furniture, lamps and related products, mainly for the home.
She has a special talent for combining functionality and aesthetics with small fascinating details so her design surprises and sparks curiosity.

“I always have a clear basic idea that is the starting point for the design. Usually the form is very pure and simple, while I take a playful approach to details with elements such as stitching, buttons, ect. There must be some details that make the furniture stand out. My furniture can be unpretentiously cosy and humorous”.